Stripe Weekly Reconciliation Report

If you are currently processing payments through PetPro Connect using Stripe, a new weekly Stripe reconciliation report is headed your way. This report is designed to help you reconcile transactions processed through PetPro Connect with your practice management system and contains all the relevant information you need – including client name, reason for payment, date of service, etc.

    Reading Your Report

    Transactions will be broken down into the following categories:


    Gross Sale: Total amount paid by the client for products or services processed through PetPro Connect


    Fees: Any fees associated with a particular transaction


    Net Payout: The gross sale minus any fees (i.e. the amount deposited into your bank account from Stripe)

    Most transaction types will be classified as a Payment (the payment from the client for products or services rendered).  In addition, there are two other relevant transaction types: Refund and Fee Adjustment.


    Refund: Cost of products or services returned to the client


    Fee Adjustment: Fees associated with the cost of products or services returned to the client

    You can always determine which payment the refund and fee adjustment are tied to by the Payment ID. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How will we get paid?

    Each day the net payout from that day’s sales will be deposited in the bank account on file in your Stripe account (except for weekends and bank holidays).

    How will we know when a client has completed payment for a product or service?

    You will see a message from that client that says “Payment Sent. ‘Client name’ completed a payment.” This message will also be visible in that client’s messenger history.

    laptop showing payment received in pet pro connect messenger

    Are there any transaction fees associated with using PetPro Connect?

     Yes, there are 2 types of fees. 

    • A Stripe processing fee of 2.9%, which applies to all transactions processed through the platform
    • A PetPro Connect transaction fee which only applies to some transactions (see below for a list of PPC transaction fees)

    Fees associated with PetPro Connect Payment Request Feature and Video Consultations (These fees are in addition to the 2.9% Stripe Processing Fee):

    PetPro Connect Contactless Payments

    • 0% per successful transaction
    • Applies only to payment requests for non-video consultation transactions initiated by the clinic for products and services such as healthcare exams, in-clinic services, and curbside visits

    PetPro Connect Rx Refill Payments

    • 5% per successful transaction
    • Applies only to payment requests for Rx refill requests initiated by the client

    PetPro Connect Video Consultation Payments

    • 5% per successful transaction (waived until further notice)
    • Applies only to video consultation transactions processed through the platform

    As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at support@petproconnect.com