The Pet Owner activation process for PetPro Connect is getting even better!

In recent months clinics and pet owners have shared a lot of great feedback with us regarding opportunities for improvement in the pet owner activation process. We listened and have redesigned it to be more user friendly (for pet owners) and easier to manage (for clinics).

Here is a list of improvements coming your way:


The invite code has been changed to a PIN. The PIN functions exactly the same as the invite code, but simplifies the terminology.


The PIN will now be provided to the pet owner in the first email/SMS communication they receive from PetPro Connect, reducing pet owner confusion and the likelihood of calls to the clinic.

The PIN will be visible in the clinic portal, giving you easy access to this information should you need to provide it to a pet owner.

In addition, the clinic can now manually invite a pet owner to join PetPro Connect via SMS, allowing the clinic to provide this information using the pet owners chosen communication preference. This feature was previously limited to email invitation only.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at support@petproconnect.com