Introducing PetPro Connect Campaigns

Highly-targeted messaging to help drive compliance and increase engagement

Targeted personalized in-app and SMS messaging deployed and managed by PetPro Connect

No extra work and no costs to you

Clinics see, on average, a more than 50% increase in Pet Owner spend

At PetPro Connect, we are constantly working to improve the Collaborative Pet Care experience. Many of you are aware that PetPro Connect sends messages directly to your clients to help drive Pet Owner engagement, compliance and revenue for your clinic. There is so much competition for Pet Owner attention these days, and we’re excited to expand this feature to keep Pet Owner engagement with your clinic.

How does it work?

It’s simple, we do all the work for you. Messages are delivered by PetPro Connect to your clients directly through the PetPro Connect app and via SMS. There are two types of messages that will be sent: 

Individualized Pet Care Messages

These messages are highly personalized to the Pet Owner and their pet with the goal of supporting their compliance to your recommendations.

By leveraging PetPro Connect app activity and PIMS data, we are able to supply Pet Owners with timely information relevant to their pet’s current and future care.

Message examples include Upcoming Appointment Reminders, Vaccination and Appointment Due Dates, and Rx Refill Reminders based on previous purchase history.

Educational Messages

Intended to provide healthcare tips between clinic visits, these messages are product-agnostic, meaning it’s not about selling any products, but about continuing Pet Owner education that started in the clinic with you. 

Pet Owners receiving these messages are targeted based on previous interactions with your clinic, making them highly relevant to their specific pet and pet care.

Content for these messages is sourced from trustworthy sources such as AAHA, The American Association of Feline Practitioners and the AKC.

Message examples include pet care categories like: Dental Hygiene, Nutrition, Breed-specific chronic conditions and Seasonal concerns.

How will these messages benefit my clinic?

PetPro Connect Campaigns help you stay focused on what matters most – caring for pets – while leaving the stress of maintaining and growing your business to us. We do that by keeping your clients engaged with highly relevant messaging that drives improvements in Pet Owner satisfaction, spend and compliance. 

Some findings from our 2020 campaigns include:


An over 200% increase in Pet Owner compliance*

Pet Owners overwhelmingly prefer to receive appointment, refill and scheduling reminders via mobile**


An over 50% increase in Pet Owner spend in-clinic***

*PetPro Connect Analytics and Insights Platform data, September 2020

** “Millennial pet owner preferences: Text, email or call?”. (2019, November 20). DVM360.
Retrieved from https://www.dvm360.com/view/millennial-pet-owner-preferences-text-email-or-call

***PetPro Connect Analytics and Insights Platform data, July 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to do anything to include my clinic and clients in PetPro Connect Campaigns?
You don’t need to do a thing. Your clinic and your Pet Owners are automatically included in PetPro Connect Campaigns and will automatically receive messages through the PetPro Connect app.
Does this cost anything?
There is no charge, PetPro Connect Campaigns is a standard offering of the platform.
Will these messages promote specific products or services?
In this initial launch, Pet Owner messages will be focused on client engagement with your clinic – things like encouraging clients to schedule annual exams, reminding them of appointments and to refill prescriptions, and sharing relevant educational content. If our messages ever do mention a specific product, it will be because the Pet Owner has a history of buying that product and NOT because we are trying to promote a specific product or service. Our goal with any product-specific messaging will always be to drive Pet Owner compliance and purchase loyalty to your clinic.
I’m afraid my clients will feel like they are being spammed – how is your messaging different?
PetPro Connect messages are highly targeted and personalized and as such, any messages your clients receive from PetPro Connect will be relevant to both your practice and their individual pet’s care. These messages will be caring, helpful, and supportive in tone with the pet’s overall care as the main focus. Spam messages are messages that are sent to an extremely broad audience and are neither relevant nor personalized. Spammers hope to hook a few fish by casting a wide net, which most people find irritating and ignore.
Will I be able to see the messages you are sending to my clients?
We intend to provide a monthly view of PetPro Connect Campaign topics, available from the clinic dashboard. Be on the lookout for a dashboard alert with more information.
I’m used to being able to choose what I want to send and when I want to send it – why is this better?
We do all the work for you! We’ve heard from multiple practices that due to COVID-19, the need to develop better ways to communicate with clients (not only during the appointment window but between care visits) is more important than ever. That’s exactly what PetPro Connect Campaigns is designed to do through timely, relevant messages that are specifically targeted to their pet’s care and relevant to your practice.
How does PetPro Connect Campaigns ensure that my clients are receiving messages relevant to them?
PetPro Connect Campaigns utilizes app data and PIMs data to ensure that your clients receive timely and relevant messages related to your clinic and their pet’s care.
Does PetPro Connect sell my clinic or client data?
Absolutely not. PetPro Connect takes data privacy very seriously and will never sell your clinic or client data under any circumstances. Terms & Conditions
My clinic is already very busy, and we don’t need more clients contacting us now. Can I opt out of having my clients receive these messages?
We know that phone call volume can be a major source of stress. To help relieve some of this, all PetPro Connect Campaign messages will encourage clients to contact your clinic directly through the PetPro Connect in-app messenger, making client communication more convenient for your staff. If you have questions, please reach out to us at support@petproconnect.com
How many messages will my clients receive per week?
Your clients should never receive more than 1 message from PetPro Connect per week. Many weeks they won’t receive any at all because they don’t meet the criteria for that week’s campaigns. We will also only send messages between 11 am – 8 pm EST to ensure that Pet Owners do not receive messages too early or too late.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at support@petproconnect.com