Introducing Clinic Dashboards with SMS Alert Capabilities

With many different clients in your office using PetPro Connect, we understand that sometimes it is nice to see an overview of everything — in one place. Clinic Dashboards are coming!

We heard your feedback about a centralized view of details and especially the ability to quickly send Text Alerts to your clients. Your Dashboard will now be the homepage when you sign in. Here’s the rundown regarding what will be in the first release of the new PetPro Connect dashboard:

Text Alerts:
Quickly send a text to all of your Clients or just to Clients with an appointment that day.

When you hit send, you will see a second screen to confirm you want to send out the text to your Clients to prevent any accidental sends. Each message will automatically include the option for a Client to opt-out and the link to download the app in case they have not registered their account.

Clinic Details:
Easily see and manage your Messages, Appointments, Clients metrics and Settings.

For each section in the dashboard use the “See All” or “Manage” shortcut to see additional details or make adjustments.

Video Consultation:
A quick view of high-level metrics for video consults in PetPro Connect

Pro Tip:
The last 30 days are shown by default, but you can adjust the timeframe by selecting a different timeframe from the drop-down.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at support@petproconnect.com