Customized Appointment Confirmations

PetPro Connect now offers the ability to add a custom message for your clients when they receive their 48hr appointment confirmation!

This optional message will be sent alongside the current appointment confirmation message, so you can send additional important information to your clients, such as drop-off time and any special instructions.

All of your PiMS (Practice Information Management Software) appointment types will now show up in a new tab under Clinic Settings.  Go to Clinic Settings > Appointment Types to see them all.  They will sync for you automatically once a day or you can manually sync them at any time. It is important to know that the appointment types that will appear are those that have been created in your PiMS.

These are a one-way import from your PiMS; PetPro Connect settings will not be reflected in your PiMS.  If you disable an appointment type in your PiMS, you will no longer see it in PetPro Connect.

Use the open field below each appointment type to create and modify the message that will be delivered with the confirmation notification for each appointment type. These confirmations are sent two days prior to each appointment and includes the pet’s name, clinic name, appointment type, date and time – if you add the optional custom message, it will be displayed as well.

Your clients will always receive the current 48 hr appointment confirmation message unless you manually turn it off for each appointment type. We have turned off euthanasia/end of life appointment types by default.

To manage your communication method for these confirmations, you can always go to the Communications tab, but we also added a helpful shortcut link here.

There is no need to change any settings in your PiMS.  If you choose not to customize your appointment confirmations, PetPro Connect will continue to work as before.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at support@petproconnect.com