Contactless Payment is Here!

We are extremely excited to offer Contactless Payment — now in PetPro Connect. 

With Contactless Payment, you’ll be able to request payment from pet owners for clinic-provided products and services directly through the PetPro Connect platform. Using the PetPro Connect app, pet owners can complete payment requests quickly and conveniently.

There’s no need to take payment information over the phone. And say bye-bye to taking curbside payments in the rain, snow, suffocating heat, etc. Even better? Contactless Payment makes spending at your clinic as easy as the most popular ecommerce experiences, but with the additional layer of confidence that comes with making a purchase from the clinic they trust with their pet’s care.

Ready for the best part? PetPro Connect doesn’t charge any processing fees for Contactless Payment transactions initiated by the clinic. The only fee applied to these kinds of transactions is Stripe’s standard 2.9% credit card processing fee. So, any clinic-initiated payment request — for things like clinic visits, clinic services, in-clinic retail, etc. — only incurs a Stripe transaction fee of 2.9%.

In addition, pet owners who request a prescription refill via the app can pay for it in the app as well. They simply submit their refill request just like they do today and, once approved by the clinic, they can enter their payment information directly in the app — easy! Any refill requests initiated by the pet owner will incur an additional 5% PetPro Connect transaction fee.

Let’s get started!

Contactless Payment uses Stripe to process payments. If you do not already have a Stripe account, you will need to create one to use the Contactless Payment feature. The Stripe set-up process is quick and easy. So youll be activated and ready to begin processing payments in minutes!

Need to set up a Stripe Express Account? Start here.

Already have a Stripe Express Account? Start here. 

Setting up a new Stripe Express account

To begin the Stripe Express activation process, go to My Settings, select Payments, and click on Activate Stripe Express.

Verify your account information.

Enter your bank account information.

Select the account type you wish to associate with your Stripe account – bank account or debit card. Enter the necessary account information, and click “submit” once complete.  

Activate your Stripe Express account.

Once you have entered your payout information and clicked Done, you have completed the activation process. That’s it. You’re ready to begin using Stripe Express for Contactless Payment!  

Using Contactless Payment

Requesting Payment for Clinic Services or In-Clinic Retail Products

To initiate the payment request process, go to the appropriate pet owner record and select the Request Payment option from menu:

Enter the payment request details — product or service amount and description — in the payment request pop-up window and hit “send” to send the payment request to the pet owner:

The payment request is automatically added to the pet owners transaction history:

The pet owner can now complete the payment directly in the app:

Step 1:  Select Pay Now

Step 2:  Enter the payment method information

Step 3:  Confirm their payment information was successfully sent

Step 4:  View the payment record in the in-app messenger

Pet owners will also have the ability to decline a payment request by selecting Decline in the payment request window. When Decline is selected, the pet owner will be required to enter a reason for declining the request:

Any declined payment requests will appear in the pet owner record and will display the pet owner’s reason for declining.

Requesting Payment for Rx Refills

You can now send a payment request in response to a pet owner requesting a refill. The pet owner simply needs to request a refill through the normal refill request process:

Step 1:  Select request refill 

Step 2:  Choose the prescription they want to refill from their timeline

Step 3:  Confirm their prescription request

Step 4:  Request is sent to the clinic

Once the refill request is received, you can request payment for it directly from the New Prescription request window:

Cancelling a Payment Request

To cancel a payment request, go to the pet owner record and click the Cancel Request button on the appropriate payment request.

When a payment request is cancelled, the pet owner is notified and the cancellation is recorded in the pet owner record.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any transaction fees associated with Stripe?

A standard 2.9% Stripe processing fee applies to all transactions processed through the platform.

Are there any other transaction fees associated with PetPro Connect?

PetPro Connect will only apply a fee for the following transaction types: 

  • A 5% fee on telemedicine transactions processed through the platform. This fee has been waived until further notice.
  • A 5% fee on Rx Refill requests initiated by the pet owner through the platform.

Contactless payment transactions are processed through the platform free of charge. This includes any clinic-initiated charge for services rendered such as healthcare exams, in-clinic services and curbside visits. These types of transactions will only incur the standard Stripe 2.9% processing fee. 

What if these changes don't appear in my clinic portal?

If you don’t see these changes in your clinic portal, please refresh your page or log out and log back in.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at support@petproconnect.com