Chat Export Feature

Need to include messenger chat history into your practice management software? Exporting chats has never been easier!

Copy and paste your PetPro Connect messenger chat history to add it to your records on your practice management software or others.  Your exported chat will keep its original formatting including the user in the practice who sent the message. Also, please read on to know the new location for reviewing and/or changing your login credentials.

To begin, go to the Messenger Tab on PetPro Connect’s clinic portal.

Select the pet owner conversation you want to export from the left column and press the three dots to the right of the name in the center column. This will bring up a drop down menu. From the drop down menu select Chat History. This will open a window showing all the chats from the specific pet owner.

Select the time range you would like to export (Today, last 7 days, etc.). The window will then only show chats from the date range selected. 

You can now choose to copy to your computer’s clipboard or to export to a text file (.txt). If you choose ‘Copy to Clipboard’ you can paste the chat history on any other program including your practice management software. If you choose ‘Export’ this will open a window to save the file on your computer as a text (.txt) file.

You have just exported a chat!

And by the way – if are you looking to change your login credentials, we have moved that section from the My Profile to the main dropdown menu (see image below). 

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at support@petproconnect.com