Updates & Alerts

Enhanced Availability Status for Clinics

Now, you can set your clinic status to “Busy” when you’re temporarily unavailable and cannot respond immediately to in-app messages. You can create and edit a busy message that pet owners will automatically see when they message your clinic, or request an appointment...

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Stripe Weekly Reconciliation Report

If you are currently processing payments through PetPro Connect using Stripe, a new weekly Stripe reconciliation report is headed your way. This report is designed to help you reconcile transactions processed through PetPro Connect with your practice management system...

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Introducing PetPro Connect Campaigns

PetPro Connect Campaigns help you stay focused on what matters most – caring for pets – while leaving the stress of maintaining and growing your business to us. We do that by keeping your clients engaged with highly relevant messaging that drives improvements in Pet Owner satisfaction, spend and compliance.

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Contactless Payment is Here!

We are extremely excited to offer Contactless Payment — now in PetPro Connect. With Contactless Payment, you'll be able to request payment from pet owners for clinic-provided products and services directly through the PetPro Connect platform. Using the PetPro Connect...

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We’ve upgraded to Stripe Express

PetPro Connect is transitioning from Stripe Connect Standard to Stripe Express for payments. With the upgrade to Stripe Express, you’ll be able to take full advantage of exciting new features that are coming to PetPro Connect in 2021 and beyond (more to come on that...

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Appointments Page and Confirmation Release Notes

In our ongoing effort to help streamline your clinic’s operations, you will now be able to see both video consults and in-clinic appointments within the appointments section of your clinic portal. This update will help streamline interactions and bring important...

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As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at support@petproconnect.com