Frequently Asked Questions

What is PetPro Connect?

PetPro Connect™ is our cloud-based product that equips local clinics with a comprehensive range of tools for Collaborative Pet Care. PetPro Connect brings instant messaging with clients, patient scheduling, video appointments, and more together in one place. It also allows clinics to easily develop and manage their own client rewards programs. PetPro Connect integrates with a clinic’s practice management software (PiMS), allowing both vets and clients to manage upcoming and past appointments, prescriptions, and other medical record details.

Put simply: PetPro Connect is a PiMS-integrated, full-featured, client-engagement product built to deliver the complete suite of tools for Collaborative Pet Care.

What is PetPro Tele+?

PetPro Tele+™ is our telehealth product that gives local clinics a streamlined telehealth toolkit in an easy-to-use app. It quickly and easily gives them the ability to give video appointments, manage curbside visits, and conduct chat-only sessions. Vets set their own schedule in the app, and billing is done automatically at the rate they set. It’s cloud-based, and it launches from any internet-connected device. It’s the most lightweight app in the PetPro Connect suite of products.

Put simply: PetPro Tele+ is a free telehealth app that quickly and easily equips vet clinics for Collaborative Pet Care.

What is Collaborative Pet Care?

Collaborative Pet Care is our unique approach to animal health that centers on the relationship between the veterinary clinic and the pet owner – all in service to the pet’s health and happiness. From a professional standpoint, providing Collaborative Pet Care enables humans to work better together for the benefit of pets. Collaborative Pet Care shifts the focus to a pet’s entire circle of care, and we’re the leaders of this shift.

Put simply: Collaborative Pet Care is our unique, value-centered approach to animal health that powers the local vet clinics and allows the pet’s care circle (which includes groomers, trainers, walkers, and others) to work better together for the love of pets.

How do I get started with PetPro Connect or PetPro Tele+?

PetPro Connect
Clinics: Get started with PetPro Connect by scheduling a demo with one of our representatives.
Pet Owners: Get the PetPro Connect App for your mobile device.

PetPro Tele+
Clinics/Veterinarians: Get started with PetPro Tele+ by signing up for an account, then either download the app or launch PetPro Tele+ from your browser.

Pet Owners: Get started with PetPro Tele+ by signing up for an account, then either download the app or launch PetPro Tele+ from your browser.

What is the cost of PetPro Connect or PetPro Tele+?

Unlike other products, there is no monthly fee. And because we want to support clinics in Collaborative Pet Care during this time, we have waived our modest transaction fee.

Do you have a free trial?

PetPro Connect and PetPro Tele+ are both free to use. If you’re looking for a quick way to get started, we recommend PetPro Tele+. It’s super lightweight and easy to use, and you can start offering Collaborative Pet Care in minutes: Launch PetPro Tele+

Do I have to choose between PetPro Connect and PetPro Tele+, or can my clinic have both?

PetPro Connect and PetPro Tele+ are two different products.

PetPro Connect is designed as a fully-functional client engagement product for Collaborative Pet Care with practice management software (PiMS) integrations. It allows for instant messaging with clients, helps clinics develop reward programs to increase loyalty and drive revenue, makes it easy for clients to request prescription refills from their local clinic, and more.

PetPro Tele+ is an entry point designed as a quick, easy path to telehealth and curbside visits.

Can I use PetPro Connect or PetPro Tele+ remotely?

PetPro Connect is cloud-based and currently designed for desktop/laptop use to fully integrate into a clinic’s existing workflow. While a clinic can access PetPro Connect on their mobile/tablet device, not all functions are available yet. We’re working quickly to develop full clinic access on mobile. However, pet owners can access PetPro Connect on their mobile devices. PetPro Tele+ is fully accessible by mobile and tablet devices for both clinics and pet owners, and clinics can be set up and functional within minutes.

What are the advantages of PetPro Connect and PetPro Tele+ for the pet owner?

Both products enable Collaborative Pet Care, with the pet at the center of it all. Pet owners want to have instant access to their pet’s health details, and prefer communicating with their local vet through messenger or through video visits.

How does PetPro Connect integrate into existing clinic systems?

PetPro Connect offers full practice management software (PiMS) integration for easy scheduling, payment processing, rewards, prescription requests, and more. To see how PetPro Connect integrates into your workflow,  schedule a 30-minute demo, or ask your BIAH representative for help.

How do you comply with the American Veterinary Medical Association’s telemedicine policy?

We’re an animal health company first, so we understand how important the veterinarian-client-patient relationship is. We built PetPro Connect and PetPro Tele+ for local clinics to expand the scope of their care and to build a bridge for more Collaborative Pet Care.

What should I do if I have a question or concern about a charge associated with my PetPro account?

If you have any questions or concerns about charges associated with your PetPro  account, please contact the veterinary clinic associated with the charge to discuss it with them. If you do not believe the charge is associated with a clinic, or if the issue is not resolved after talking to your veterinary clinic, please contact PetPro Connect support at