Published 12/15/2020

How to Give to Animal Shelters for the Holidays

how to give to animal shelters for the holidays
Though they are in need of support all year round, animal shelters and rescues are especially busy during the holiday season. Whether you choose to make a donation, volunteer your time, or even welcome a furry friend into your home this holiday season, you can find joy in helping an animal in need. Learn about the ways you can give back to animal shelters this holiday season.

How to Give to Animal Shelters for the Holidays


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Volunteer Your Time

Most shelters rely on the help of volunteers. From daily chores to giving pets a little love and attention, your time and assistance is greatly appreciated, both by shelter workers and the furry residents.

Not every task will be as fun as giving belly rubs or playing fetch but by volunteering your time, you are improving the lives and surroundings of the animals, which is something to feel good about! Who knows? You may find that the gift of quality time is a gift you want to keep giving even after the holidays are over.

Make a Donation

Shelters are always in need of supplies that enable them to provide and maintain the daily care and health of their animals. Consider making a financial donation to your local shelter or donating supplies such as food, cleaners, and detergents, or even toys and treats! Check with your local shelter ahead of time to see what supplies they may need the most.

Not able to shop for supplies?  Give the gift of comfort and coziness! If you have gently used blankets, towels, or pet beds that are no longer in use, go ahead and donate them to a shelter or animal rescue near you.  

What You Can Donate

  • Wet/dry food for dogs and cats
  • Treats
  • Toys
  • Kitty litter
  • Potty pads
  • Gently used blankets or pet beds
  • Cleaning supplies (laundry detergent, towels, wipes, etc.)
  • Pet shampoo

Foster or Adopt a Pet

Being one of the busiest times of the year, animal rescues and shelters often rely on foster parents to temporarily care for pets around the holidays while space at their facilities is limited.

Fostering a pet is a generous gift you can give to a dog or cat who could use some extra love this holiday season.

The holidays are also a popular time of year to adopt a pet, which is incredibly rewarding and a wonderful gift to a companion. If you’re unsure about adopting, many shelters and rescues have foster-to-adopt programs that could be the perfect opportunity for you to find your new best friend.  

Whether you choose to foster or adopt a pet, be sure that you have thought through the responsibilities and commitment it takes to raise them; you want to be someone they can rely on.

Spread Holiday Cheer to Animals in Need

Donate, volunteer, or adopt from your local animal shelter this year. Search for animal shelters near you to find out where you can donate, give the gift of your time, or welcome a new pet into your family.

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