Published 12/04/2020

Navigating Holiday Pet Care with PetPro Connect

Holiday Pet Care PetPro Connect
While many pet owners may be staying home for the holidays this year, PetPro Connect is here to help pet owners prepare for what may be a more complicated holiday season due to COVID-19.

Whether you plan to bring your pet along with you on your holiday travels or choose to find a pet sitter or boarding facility to tend to them while you’re away, PetPro Connect makes it easy to prepare for the busy holiday season.

With the PetPro Connect app, pet owners can view overdue and upcoming timeline items, refill prescriptions, request appointments, view medical records, and message their vet clinic straight from the app.

Messaging: Get Help From Your Vet When You Need it Most

“I think my pet ate something they shouldn’t have. What should I do?”

Pets, especially dogs who are inquisitive or whose chewing drive is high, often swallow things they shouldn’t.

If you suspect your dog has ingested something other than dog food, it is best to play it safe and contact your veterinarian right away.

PetPro Connect makes it easier than ever to get in touch with your vet clinic in the event of an unforeseen emergency. With it’s built-in messaging feature, pet owners can schedule appointments, ask questions, and send pictures directly to their vet clinic.

Vaccinations: Protect Your Pet While You’re Away

“My pet sitter/boarding facility is asking for my pet’s vaccination records but I’ve misplaced them. What should I do?”

Many boarding facilities and pet sitters require that pets are current on all of their vaccinations.

With the PetPro Connect app, you can access your pet’s vaccination records, receive vaccine reminders, and easily share your pet’s ID card with others, all through your mobile device. 

If you’re unable to take your pet with you during the holidays, be sure that their vaccinations are up-to-date, and talk to your veterinarian to find out how best to protect your pet from canine flu and any other contagious diseases.

Prescriptions: Never Miss a Refill Again

“I’m out of my pet’s medication and PetSmart is closed for the holiday. What do I do?”

With PetPro Connect, you can avoid the surprise of needing a last-minute refill.

Get prescription refill reminders and securely request prescription refills through the PetPro Connect app to ensure your pets have what they need to stay healthy through the holidays.

Medical Records: Access and Share Health Records from Anywhere

Feel confident in your pet’s health and safety over the holidays with 24/7 access to their health records. 

Whether you’re traveling with your pet or leaving them with a caretaker, PetPro Connect makes it more convenient to bring your pet’s health records with you. 

Easily share your pet’s ID card, which includes their medical history and primary vet information, with anyone from the PetPro Connect app. Learn all the ways you can use your pet health records with PetPro Connect.

Plan for the Holidays with PetPro Connect

petpro connect mobile app telehealth

Already have the PetPro Connect app?

Whether it’s a last-minute prescription refill or an overdue vaccination, the PetPro Connect app lets you easily view and manage any last-minute medical needs before the holiday rush.

Log in to the PetPro Connect app to review any upcoming or overdue items in your timeline.

Don’t have PetPro Connect?

Download the PetPro Connect app from your iPhone or Android device to get started.

download on the app store  get it on google play


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