Published 11/12/2020

5 Ways to Use Your Pet’s Health Records with PetPro Connect

Your pet’s health records include all of the information you need to best care for your pet. However, accessing and keeping track of pet health records is still a challenge for many pet owners. Learn more about the benefits of digital pet records and how you can use PetPro Connect’s health records feature as a pet owner.

How Can I Use My Pet’s Health Records with PetPro Connect?

Access Your Pet’s Medical Records 24/7

As a pet owner, you want to feel confident that your pet is receiving the best care possible. Having on-demand access to your pet’s medical records not only gives you peace of mind, but it also empowers you to make informed decisions about your pet so you can take an active role in determining your pet’s treatment plan.

Having your pet’s medical records at the palm of your hand could also help in a time of a crisis. You never know when you might need to reference your pet’s medical history, and in the event of an emergency, PetPro Connect ensures that you are always prepared.

View Your Pet’s Prescription History and Request Refills

With the PetPro Connect app, you can view your pet’s prescription history and receive automated reminders when it is time to refill your pet’s medication. Stay on top of dosages, and never forget to fill a prescription again!

Need to order or refill your pet’s medications? The PetPro Connect app allows you to request medications or prescriptions for your pet directly from your clinic. Request a refill from your pet’s profile through the Product Refill feature.

What is PetPro Connect’s Medical Records Feature?

With the PetPro Connect app, pet owners can access their pet’s health records 24/7 and share them instantly with others.

View your pet’s medical history, immunization records, prescription history, get reminders, and order medication refills, all from the palm of your hand.

View Your Pet’s Vaccination Records

Keeping paper trails organized and readily accessible can be a challenge for many pet owners. Many dog parks, bark parks, and other pet-friendly places require proof of immunizations. Forgot to bring your pet’s immunization records with you? No problem! With the PetPro Connect app, you can pull up your pet’s vaccination history right from your phone. 


Reminders for Staying Current on Vaccines

Digital health records take away the frustration of trying to locate and sort through paper records, removing the guesswork of which document may be most up-to-date. With the ability to reference immunization records on-the-go and through in-app notifications reminding you when your pet is due for another vaccine, the PetPro Connect app helps you stay on top of your pet’s health.

Easily Share Records with Care Providers

Your pet’s health record has all the information someone might need to know how to best care for your pet. Whether you’re working with multiple vets or leaving your pet with a sitter, digital health records make it easier than ever to share your pet’s medical history with others.

The PetPro Connect app lets you easily share your pet’s health records, including medical history and X-rays, with anyone, instantly. Sharing your pet’s records with sitters, boarding facilities, groomers, or doggy daycares can provide caretakers with valuable information to keep your pet safe and healthy, such as your pet’s age, weight, breed, medications, vaccinations, and allergies.

Access Your Pet’s Health Records with PetPro Connect

Already have the PetPro Connect app?

Here’s how you can easily access your pet’s medical records:

  1. Log into the PetPro Connect app 
  2. Click on My Pets 
  3. Click on your pet’s name 
  4. Click on the ID Card button 

Now you can easily share your pet’s records!

Don’t have PetPro Connect?

Download the PetPro Connect app for your iPhone or Android device to get started. 

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