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The AVMA and PetPro Tele+ are teaming up to put the latest industry content at your fingertips

Virtual care is changing our profession—how we see patients, how we interact with clients, even how we get information. Now, the experts you trust most for veterinary and practice information—the AVMA—are delivering updates to you over telehealth. You’ll have instant, easy access with the AVMA Telecast channel on PetPro Tele+.

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AVMA telecast on PetPro Tele+ app being shown on phone

AVMA delivers the veterinary profession to the palm of your hand with:

  • ETimely, practical advice
  • EUseful practice resources
  • EBreaking industry news
  • EUpdates on public and veterinary policy changes

Anytime. Anywhere. Any device. 

The AVMA Telecast delivers content in a way that matters most to you. Get the app or view in your browser.

    Wellbeing content icon of person practicing meditation

    Wellbeing content

    Clinical resources icon of stethoscope

    Clinical resources

    Client education materials icon of shaking hands

    Client education materials

    Tools to support practice profitability icon of calculator

    Tools to support practice profitability

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    CE Training

    With the AVMA Telecast we’re making it easy to quickly find the content that is most relevant to you, wherever you are and whenever you need it. It’s another way to access the incredible content and resources of your AVMA membership.

    PetPro Tele+ is an innovative, easy-to-use virtual care solution that connects pet owners with their local vet and delivers helpful content in the palm of your hand.

    Automated Scheduling

    Schedule care directly with your local vet, and only pay for the time you need

    Welcome to flexible, affordable pet care billed in 15-minute increments. From health questions to detailed examinations, PetPro Tele+ gives you  the choice to pay for the exact care you need. Our intuitive interface automates the rest.

    Video Appointments

    Nothing replaces seeing your vet, and our video appointments allow pet owners to do so from anywhere

    Conveniently book and pay for virtual appointments with local vets, when and where pet owners need it. PetPro  Tele+keeps things  simple and safe for everyone in the comfort of home.

    Chat Only Sessions

    Secure messaging between pet owners and local vets with the ability to update a pet’s condition at any time

    Pets don’t hesitate to let us know when they’re hungry, let alone sick. With PetPro Tele+ you don’t have to wait either. Send the latest health updates before your appointment begins.

    Petpro Tele+ app payment screen being shown on phone

    Integrated Payments

    No need to make generic virtual care work for pet care –  we deliver everything a clinic needs in one friendly, easy-to-use mobile app

    Payments couldnt be easier with our integrated payment system. Veterinarians set the price for their time, pet owners submit their payment info and funds are deposited after the video consultation ends.

    AVMA has partnered with Petpro Tele+ to deliver the AVMA Telecast.

    Download today on your favorite device or view in your browser.

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    AVMA telecast on Petpro Tele+ being shown on phone